Kamco Cares About Safety

Kamco ensures to be an industry leader in safety and compliance.  We observe, monitor, and adhere to OSHA regulations to ensure the safety of our team members.

Our operators are certified by either the NCCER or CCO.  These certifications help Kamco's commitment to ensure your jobsite remains accident-free.

Kamco's Commitment to Exceptional Safety

  • All new hires go through a 9-week training program.
  • All crane operators are NCCCO certified.
  • We require Mandatory Drug Testing (Pre-employment, post incident, random, etc.) and we are a part of Ohio BWC certified Drug Free Workplace.
  • Employees are trained and certified on Power Industrial trucks (forklifts, Teledyne).
  • We require seat belts to be used on all equipment.
  • We train employees on Fall Hazards and provide the top of the line fall protection equipment.
  • Employees are trained and required to wear the following PPE.
  • Hard toed boots
  • High Visibility Safety Vest or shirt
  • Safety Glasses
  • Cut resistant gloves for metal products
  • Hard Hats
  • Job site inspections are done prior to making deliveries.
  • We require the use of a spotter when backing vehicles.
  • Danger Tape is mandatory to create a safe work zone for crane operation.
  • We required using safety cones at job sites or on public roadways where pedestrians and other vehicles are exposed.
  • Employees are trained on proper lifting techniques to reduce strains.
  • We conduct monthly safety Meetings Company wide.
  • We schedule routine maintenance on all vehicle and equipment to ensure that equipment functions properly and are in safe working conditions.